The Shit Job Machine

ShitJobPosterToday The Shit Job Machine will begin filling The Front Room in Cambridge with endless lines of Lawrence Epps’ clay commuters.  From now until the 24th January, over a tonne of clay will be pumped onto the floor of the gallery.

Lawrence asked me to produce a new text to accompany the work.  Still steaming from the press, Dreckapotheke, a small pamphlet of filth pharmacy will be available to read at the show.  A short extract below:

on being turned out, the ulcerous body should be swabbed and scrutinised for irritants: hairs or desk crumbs; dirt, blood, filth.  Some employees may try to hide their private lucre, their ulcer, their glistening cache.  Look at it any way you like, they’ll say, but this  h i d d e n   a s s e t  will, unsurprisingly, only ever be  e n d e d   a s   s h i t.  Because, and this is the argument at its most essential, people will tell you  t h i s  is  s h i tIt is, is it? Take no notice.  Sew the body back up.  A pen or cotton bud can help push back into shape the fingertips, the nose, the pulse at the wrist.

Lawrence Epps
The Shit Job Machine
10th January – 24th January
The Front Room
23-25 Gwydir Street, Cambridge CB1 2LG
Private View on Thursday 9th January, 6pm-8pm.  All welcome.

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