TOTEM, gallery guide (detail)

TOTEM, gallery guide (detail)

My 15-part poetic narrative antilabe is now installed as part of Corinne Felgate‘s show TOTEM at AirSpace Gallery in Hanley, which also features collaborative works from Florence Peake, Camilla Emson and Marcus Boyle.  Drawing on the motives of the Lunar Society, Felgate’s installation explores the potential strengths and frailties of collective artistic dialogue, within the wider conversation about the legacy of the ceramics industry in Stoke-on-Trent.


My narrative is being projected across Felgate’s installation, flickering absently through itself in randomized order in an alcove.  It is also available in full and all at once in the gallery guide.


totem2TOTEM: Trajectories in Tragedy and Triumph is at Air Space Gallery, Hanley until October 26th, 2013.  Felgate’s installation was recently showcased in the BBC’s review of the British Ceramics Biennial and in a-n news, amongst other places.



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