Ceramic Review

ceramic reviewSheenagh Pugh, writing in The Guardian today on the judging of the Forward prizes, notes a turn towards craft in some contemporary poets’ work.  She describes a certain fascination with ‘the act of making, which parallels the poet’s own craft’.  With questions and concerns of my own about this, it’s seems a fine time to explore this mutual attention – and, perhaps, tension – between craft and poetry, art and writing.

And so it is with great delight that I can announce that I have been selected to be Ceramic Review‘s Writer-in-Residence at this year’s British Ceramics Biennial, running from the 28th September to 10th November.

I will be posting throughout the summer and into the festival at a dedicated blog – material word – with pictures, poetry, articles and queries, as well as news on developments at the BCB.

Ceramic Review’s Editor Bonnie Kemske, says:

‘We are very excited to be launching this project in collaboration with the BCB, as Ceramic Review supports writing about ceramics at all levels and in all media. We look forward to following Holly in her writer’s exploration of the festival and all its nooks and crannies.’

I’m particularly pleased that this opportunity ties in so well with my EXPLORE commission for the BCB as well as an ongoing sequence I am writing in response to Stoke’s ceramic industry, part of which will be published in Poetry London later this year.

My introductory article On Form will be published in Ceramic Review’s August/September issue, and there are already a few other thoughts already up on the blog, so start digging around.  Whether you’re a ceramic artist, poet, potter or reader, please get in touch and let me know if there’s a particular work or artist you want me to look at.


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