Pyramid Schemes

PyramidLawrence Lek recently curated a one-night show in partnership with The White Review, sculpting texts into a projected cityscape in Hackney Wick, London.

I was one of 48 writers and artists whose texts were used in the show, each exploring an imagined architecture in under 100 words.  It’s an intriguing, impressive list of names…

Pyramid_auldDarran Anderson ▲ David Bainbridge ▲ Anna Blair ▲ Jorge Luis Borges ▲ Martin Byrne ▲ Jen Calleja ▲ Steven Chodoriwsky ▲ S.J. Christmass ▲ Calvin Chua ▲ Holly Corfield-Carr ▲ Rishi Dastidar ▲ Adrian Dannatt ▲ Alexandre Dumas et al. ▲ Rachel Falconer ▲ Jon Ferguson ▲ Adam Nathaniel Furman ▲ Niall Gallacher ▲ Patrick Goddard ▲ Oliver Griffin ▲ Evan Harris ▲ Rye Dag Holmboe ▲ John Holten ▲ Matt Hutchinson ▲ Miranda Iossifidis ▲ Daniel Ivec ▲ Claire Jamieson ▲ Verity-Jane Keefe ▲ Clare Kirwan ▲ Miles Klee ▲ Alana Kushnir ▲ Léopold Lambert ▲ Patrick Langley ▲ Lawrence Lek ▲ Bella Marrin ▲ Dorrell Merritt ▲ Thomas More ▲ Amanda Oosthuizen ▲ Daniel Rourke ▲ Andi Schmied ▲ Jack Self ▲ Camila Sotomayor ▲ St. Augustine ▲ Viktor Timofeev ▲ Karen Whiteson ▲ Eley Williams ▲ Nathan Witt ▲ Alan Worn

The texts have also been collected in an artist’s book, with fold-out pages that might be a landscape of texts or a more permanent recording of Lek’s fleeting fictional city.

Pyramid_bookPyramid Schemes is published in a handmade edition of 88, printed on 100gsm cartridge paper and bound in 300gsm white card.  It’s currently stocked in X Marks le Bokship in Bethnal Green & Ti Pi Tin in Stoke Newington.  It is also available from the artist for £5.00.

If you’re not near London but you are near the internet, then you can roam the city on the Pyramid Scheme site.  Just scroll along like it’s a breezy summer’s day, taking in the horizon, the detail, the crisp packet folded between the railings, the spire (see No.13see it!) – and just in case you need directions, my text (which is linked to my commission for Artist Meets Curator) is the first in the book.

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