Penning Perfumes: Bristol

Penning Perfumes

© Holly Corfield Carr, 2012

© Holly Corfield Carr, 2012

Later this month, Penning Perfumes will be in Bristol.  I am so pleased to have been a part of this project, run by Claire Trévien and Odette Toilette.  It’s an intriguing idea: poets are paired with perfumes and in turn perfumers respond to poems.

In December, I was sent unlabelled vials of a secret scent and I had only a few weeks to sniff and waft and write.  It turned out to be a pretty difficult task: my nose, it seems, doesn’t have the most accurate of memories.  I traced out the scrambled shapes of wood, leather, sugar, smoke machines, wet grass.

I won’t give too much away but it was a strange, manifold scent.  Its name and maker will be unveiled on the 27th February, when the poets will be presenting our responses.  All this amongst the glamour of Bristol’s Milk Thistle.  I have heard tickets are about to sell out, so it might be an idea to book your place now.

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