november happenings

I have been lucky enough to be invited to read at a few exciting events recently.  Last week, Magma 54 and Missorts launches had me speeding between London and Bristol, poetry and a digital storytelling app, the city and the rain.

© Rowena Easton, from City Running Brighton

This week, you can catch me performing my short story Ganzfeld at One Night Stand, Spike Island.  The evening describes itself as “a lo-fi, anarchic collision of approaches celebrating the possibilities of live performance” and will feature Giles Bailey, Sarah Dobai, Andy Field, Elisa Juncosa Umaran and the The Performance Re-enactment Society

And on Friday night, I’m going to be joining forces with 29 other artists taking part in City Running, an evening of spontaneous, collaborative work in response to a nighttime excursion to Bristol Temple Quarter.  We will be starting at 10pm and presenting our work at 2am, so if you come to watch do take advantage of the bar serving teas and coffees.  City Running is produced by MAYK in Bristol, who are offering free tickets to come and watch the whole thing unravel.  Book here.

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