Missorts: launch

20th November - and it's free!Later this month, my short fiction for Portwall Lane Car Park, composed from cut-up texts and written in response to a trip to the island in Redcliffe Way,is being launched as part of Missorts.

Tony White has been curating the work with Situations and the final installation includes Portwall Preludes, a musical score from composer Jamie Telford, performed on the organ in St. Mary Redcliffe and ten new site-specific fictions from Sara Bowler, Thomas Darby, Jack Ewing, Katrina Plum, Jess Rotas, Hannah Still, Helen Thornhill, Isabel de Vasconcellos, Sacha Waldron and myself.

The stories and the score are tethered to areas of Portwall Lane, Redcliffe Way and the surrounding streets, squares and bridges.  A GPS-activated smartphone app will guide the way through the hidden stories of Bristol, the whisperings coming from the pay-and-display ticket machine.

And on the launch night, the whole thing is getting remixed by Beaty Heart.  Oh boy.

Most people I meet just speed through Redcliffe Way to get to Temple Meads or the office or home.  Come along on the 20th and stay awhile.  It might not look like much, but that car park’s got a few stories to tell.

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