as for books: Spike Island’s Book and Zine Fair 2012

asterism // ⁂ // a break in the text

This Saturday Spike Island, Bristol, are hosting their fourth Book and Zine Fair.  The fair is bringing together publishers, designers and writers whose work sits somewhere in that exciting and hopeful Venn diagram: experimental design and literature.

Alongside a huge hum of people sharing books, zines and pamphlets, there will be some short talks, performances and readings from Luke Kennard, Patrick Coyle, Samuel Hasler, I Am Dora, Marie Toseland and myself.

I will be reading some new bits and pieces from my current project, asterisms.  I have stories about phosphenes and memory and maps. And I have poems that shamelessly smudge together images of parallax , fingernails and netted hams.  I’m drawing out a strange atlas.

I will also have some small pamphlets on display with the Spike Associates.  Well,  I say pamphlets.  But after writing about orbifolds and constellations for a few weeks, I have started to see stars (back to the phosphenes again).  And this happened:

asterism // ☆ // a pattern of unrelated stars

Reading my story as I made this dodecahedral structure, I came across new formations over the folds.  Strange utterances like “thin // evening” or “flick // to diffuse // calm” or “jaw // exhausted // tree line”.  And then suddenly, and still as strange, something that seems to speak sense:

“as for books // despite // we need”

The Book And Zine Fair runs from 12pm to 5pm on Saturday at Spike Island.  I’m reading as part of the afterparty, starting at 6pm.

Come along.  I’ll read my words in order, I promise.

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