Olivia Plender: Set Sail for the Levant (2007)

I became allured by a dance.  I lent money to a man bound for the stocks for stealing a kerchief.  I participated in industrial action.  But Fortuna Major was on my side and I quickly rolled myself into school and then government and thereafter a ship bound for the Levant, where I was able to wink into the sunset, riding a glinting pile of bullion stolen from the church.

Tonight I played Olivia Plender’s ‘Set Sail for the Levant’ and I won.  Despite every other dice roll ending up with you turning your pockets inside out and scuttling back to prison, I gathered in the gold while my fellow players suffered carcer, 100% interest loans and war.  This board game made me feel awful.

Spike Island hosted an Artists’ Games Night this evening, and when I wasn’t being a bastard in early modern Europe, I was quietly altering George Manciunas’ Fluxus manifesto for Michelle Lewis-King’s Flux Off project – a performance composed of audience responses.  Lewis-King is collating them over on her site and the sight of such a stack is a thing in itself.  Here is one more:

This is for me, of course – of course it is – also a response to Tom Phillips’ A Humument.  As always.  As ever.  As I fear and hope my work is and will be.

For contrast, here’s a different remix made by my good friend, the cruciverbalist from Totterdown:

It was an exciting and tiring evening.  And it has left me wanting to write a board game for poets.  Back in the real world, I will be doing some more work with the good people at Spike Island soon, so more news to follow soon.

  1. jo said:

    Oh, I remember our conversations about A Humument!

    • hcc said:

      Oh man. A Humument and also Phillips’ collaboration with John James and Andrew Crozier: In one side & out the other. My tiny mind exploded. I think it was the same time I mumbled things about hyperbolic geometry and crochet all the time. I must have been one tedious friend. Thanks for sticking with me, you old stoic.

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