opening (g)ambit!

The good people at Ambit magazine have been kind enough to include a salty, strange story of mine in this summer’s issue (#209).  This is my first appearance in Ambit, or indeed, any magazine.  Hello. Nice to meet you.

One of the best things about this is the opportunity for my work to meet up with the work of an illustrator.  And look at this!  Terrifying, oozy bodies wriggle about amongst my story, ‘Fog’.  Orly Orbach‘s slippery images have me wretching with delight; I am experiencing the thrill of having someone so perfectly articulate the sweet, wet rot of my story in such sticky and scratchy lines.  Ahh.

Another reason for my excitement today is that my short story about fermented fish and best-before love in northern Norway has the chance to leave its fetid funk amongst such fine pieces.  Fleur Adock’s poems scratch open this issue with lice, crabs, fleas and larvae and, as my copy arrived in the post this morning, I am just sitting down to read and flutter my gills through everything that follows…



    • hcc said:

      Thanks Freya! Just popped over to your blog – looking swish! I must make it back to The Steady Table SOON! x

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