Burslem School of Art // back on the road (to Spode)

Free workshops in BurslemI am once again joining Sun Ae Kim and David Booth for our second residency in Stoke-on-Trent, this July.

Time to get things all stoked up.

Find us in the foyer at the Burslem School of Art, as we work with traditional flowermaking, as we slipcast poetry, as we glost fire a story told many times over, as we prepare a range of tableware in less than the recommended time, as we glaze over.

F R E E   W O R K S H O P S

We will be based at the Burslem School of Art for two weeks (16th – 27th July) and hosting a series of free workshops on Mondays:

Creative Writing: 11am-1pm
We will look at new ways to get your writing off the ground and onto the page.  And then we might even take it off the page and put it in the kiln.  Come along and you will be invited to read at our evening event at the Original Spode Factory on the 26th July (6-8pm).

Flower Making: 2pm-4pm
A combination of traditional and experimental ways to make the decorative bone china flowers that grew out of Stoke’s ceramic industry.  You will take your flowers home with you, and some of them may even be edible!

All work made during the workshops will feature in our Pottery / Poetry event at the Spode site on Thursday 26th July, 6pm-8pm.

Please contact me on hccwriting @ gmail.com for more information or to book your free place.


I am collecting stories from flowermakers in Stoke.  I will be holding a drop-in at the Burslem School of Art’s cafe on Wednesday 18th July, 11am-1pm, to have a chat about the traditions, techniques and tired knuckles of flowermaking.  If you worked at any of Stoke’s factories as a flowermaker, get in touch and I’ll get the tea in.

L I M I T E D  R A N G E

We are also excited to be working with the BCB’s potter-in-residence and studio manager Simon Stamatiou to develop a limited range of tableware that will be, in part, moulded from the narrative of flowermaking in the Stoke region. We don’t have much time: this range is limited in more ways than one.

We will be working on this side of the project in the old China Hall at the original Spode site where we also hope to work with the mountain of handmade Aynsley flowers.

I will be posting a more detailed timetable of our residential activities and events in the next few days so you can catch up with us if you’re about.

In the meantime, see this event’s Facebook page.

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