Eric Gregory Award

I won no awards for conversation.

Before we even begin, my warmest thanks to the Society of Authors.  Even knowing that an organisation like this exists makes me feel that little bit calmer.  Or it would do had they not got in touch recently –

I am thrilled to report that I received an Eric Gregory Award at the Authors’ Awards 2012.

Ecstatic, I am.

To this year’s judges Moniza Alvi, Polly Clark, John Greening, Sophie Hannah, Adam O’Riordan and Carol Rumens, my sincere and sincerely bewildered gratitude.

Congratulations to my fellow award winners: Jon Stone, Sophie F Baker, Caleb Klaces, Rachael Madeleine Nicholas, Joey Connelly and Phoebe Power.  It was an honour to nestle amongst you:

I was happy to catch five of the winners reading at the Betsey Trotwood on Friday 15th June and I am excited to see where they are headed next.

The quick answer?  We are all heading to the Ledbury Poetry Festival on the 6th July where we will be dashing poems about between 2.30pm and 3.30pm.  You can book tickets if you fancy catching an earful then.  Call the box office on 0845 458 1743.

The long answer? That’s the exciting bit.

Thanks to Eric Gregory and the generosity of those people who support writers and artists where they can.

So that’s thanks also to you for stopping by, for cooking me dinner, for lending me your book.  That counts too.






  1. Congratulations Holly, I’m so glad for you! Your face is glorious and you should have also won another award for your face.

    The Secret Identity of A.N. from Steady Table

    • hcc said:

      Cheers Secret Elodie! Well, you know, there isn’t all that much evidence to suggest that the award wasn’t actually for my big, shiny face. Everyone’s being very polite about it, if it was.

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