Today my sister is 21. Happy birthday Clare!

Really, her birthday began last week when Margaret Atwood retweeted Clare’s latest illustration from a series of prints based on The Handmaid’s Tale.  This began a flurry of activity over on Clare’s blog and a few sales, including a beautiful triptych of Handmaid-inspired images to an Atwood reader in Canada.

Clare's portrait of Offred

A detail from Clare’s portrait of Offred, the narrator. Click through to see the rest of this image and the other pictures from the series on Clare’s blog.

So, thanks Margaret Atwood.  But your gift to my sister was a difficult act to follow.  Difficult to prize her away from the stats page.

Instead, I offered her a strange, little beast.

I made her a bird out of wool and wire and clay.  Clare is an illustrator who loves to draw birds.  So this is a bird to sit on her shelf, a bird to watch over her work while she hatches her plans.

It’s a birthday beast only I would fettle.  And I would only make it for my sister.

SkeletonCaw!Caw caw!  Caw blimey!Caw!  Caw blimey!  What a lovely bird.  Clare has lovingly renamed it Disco Chicken.

If our bizarre star-breasted friend has taken your fancy, I am available to take commissions for similar birds, beasts and beauties.  Obviously, not exactly this one, as it is now sitting in Falmouth, guardian to a fully-grown little sister.  It’s looking out to sea, thinking that the Cornish waves glint just like a disco ball.

Little bird looks out to sea

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  1. jo said:

    wow! both to you and clare 🙂

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