residency, remotely: an update

As my work with Sun Ae and David tilts gently into our July residency at the Burslem School of Art, I thought I might test out my narrative as a book.

Eventually, this piece will accompany a huge sculptural installation made with tens of thousands of handmade bone china flowers.  Oh boy.  Pretty exciting.

So, I am working with the idea of printing the pieces of the story on ceramic tiles; a printing format I saw first at the BCB 2011 where gallery labels were printed on Johnson Tiles.

But our enormous floral installation is still a year away and my narrative is still being written.  So with all this in mind, I have made an interim hand-bound book in square paper tiles as a test piece.

This was also my first attempt at basic book binding.  It’s a bit rough here and there, but the pages aren’t floating away as easily as my computer seems to be able to delete them.  When most of your work floats in these perishable files, it feels good to make something you can hold in your hands.  Once in a while.

This test piece was made using recycled materials.  I want it to be a quiet echo of the transfer of techniques, handed-down by flower makers until the end of the 20th century.

I will be including this little book as part of an exciting presentation tomorrow.  More on that soon…

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