a nod to the cephalopod

These tentacular glass squid have been keeping me away from this blog.  Apologies, from both me and my little shoal of benthic buds.

I have been in a busy tangle of wire and string and plastic and paint these last few weeks.  One result of this is the necklace above; the perfect accessory for all aquarium opening parties, Cthulian conferences and fishermen’s weddings, surely.  Should you have any such engagements coming up, you are welcome to purchase this, um, singular celebration of the deep sea glass squid (Teuthowenia pellucida) and its sad, blind eyes.  It doesn’t exactly bioluminesce, but I’ve used translucent plastic and silver-plated wire, so it does, at least, catch the light above the waves.

For me, February was a month of squid.  My poem ‘Syzygy’ was commended in the Magma Poetry Competition.  This is a really short poem that responds to the final line of Tennyson’s ‘The Kraken’, reimagining the colossal squid – deflated and drying on the sand – as a wet rope of knotted plastic bags washed up by the tide.  This news has come amongst a salty wash of rejections, so thanks Magma; my squidish mantle is puffed up with pride.

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