Merry New Year Returns!

I’m starting the new year with a new house, a new town and new socks.  BAM!
Thanks to mum for the last life changer.

And thanks to a crushing arrival of perspective in my life last year, I am stoically ransacking my own life to see what I can make of it.  With a thorough training at the Bitsa School of Upcycled Art, I can fashion a fair angler fish or an insubstantial glasses case out of wire, wool and papier-mache; I’m hoping to apply the same techniques to turn my career into a stylish origami galleon.  Or similar.  I mean, everyone wants to remain employable so, you know, got to keep the CV in mind.

So.  In September I jumped ship, upped sticks and started this to keep tabs on things.

So so: I’m moving to Bristol today.  The header image with the Barbie was taken halfway up the Avon Gorge.  Maybe I’ll see if she’s still there when I get there.  I’ll be letting you know how I get on.  Hopefully better than the Barbie.  Stay in there, lass!

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