Stoked up – news on a recent residency and a Factory Night in Stoke-on-Trent

I just returned from a residency at the original Spode Factory in Stoke.  Wowsers trousers.

I should mention that it was a residency commissioned by Rednile Projects in partnership with the British Ceramics Biennial.  The residency followed hard on the heels of a Factory Night @ the Historic Wedgwood Institute in nearby Burslem, arranged by Rednile as an opportunity for artists to enter disused spaces and enter into collaborative partnerships with each other to develop work inspired by their visit to the space.  A lot of great images, ideas and work have come out of these two appointments, so I’m going to break it up over the next few days.  Better for the digestion.

At the Factory Night, I met the artists, David Booth and Sun Ae Kim.  I am pretty excited to be working on a long-term collaboration with Dave and Sun Ae to develop the tests and brief interventions we began at the Original Spode Factory last week.

David is a sculptor, working with multiples to create pieces of organic, site-responsive growth; sometimes delicate and at other times staggering in scale.  I suggest you check out his commissioned piece made from 45,000 balloons:

Sun Ae Kim is a London-based ceramic artist and research student at the Royal College of Art, immersed in a practice-led exploration and contemporary reimagining of narrative and satirical scenes typical of traditional Staffordshire ceramics.  Her work is beautiful, often hilarious and, in line with its traditional heritage, provocative:

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